Leading GCC Publisher

France Media Group is a leading online magazine publisher in the GCC. We produce a wide variety of digital magazines which have a large reach in the region and beyond. Our digital publications include Khaleej Madame, the first women’s magazine bimonthly bilingual French and English and Chameau Futé the only online French language travel guide produced in the GCC region.

Khaleej Madame – A Pioneering Publication

Produced by an international team of journalists, is a spirited magazine, which aims to bridge the gap between feminine communities in the Gulf – professional, cultural or otherwise.

Its bilingual approach (English, French) makes it a pioneer publication within the region reaching out to women across the Middle East from all backgrounds, nationalities and occupations.

Khaleej Madame represents all aspects of women’s lives and brings them together in one page-turning glossy treat for all to enjoy

Chameau Futé – The Only French Language Travel Guide in the GCC

Le Chameau Futé is the only travel and information app on Android and Iphone in the French language written right here in the Emirates, by editors based in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

It not only provides information about the tourist destination of the United Arab Emirates, but also assists French speaking new residents, and those who are considering relocating to the country, to find quick and reliable information, contacts, suggestions, as well as guidance through the UAE’s Red Tape.

The Chameau Futé app is well researched and with an ever growing number of pages aims to comprehensively present useful and practical information to its target readership.

Bespoke Publications

We can produce tailored made publications to your business needs in whatever business vertical required.

End to End Service

We offer end to end service, not just magazine design and production services but distribution through our extensive network across GCC countries.