Strategy Development

The art of good PR starts with a great strategy. A formal plan that fits into your overall marketing communications ambitions. What is your key message? Many failures in PR result from not developing a cohesive message that clicks with the public. It’s vital that your business knows how to tell your stories. The art is to find the sweet spot between brand and audience.

Defining the Message

What we do is look at what is happening in your business that can be turned into a story. Many businesses are just too close to their enterprise to see great content that can be shaped into stories for the media. Knowing the message and how to communicate it is the key to developing an effective PR strategy.

Measurable Results

Tracking and measuring PR activities is fundamental to understanding the effectiveness of a campaign. Although media mentions and news item placements on TV, radio and the press are important, what’s also an often overlooked factor is the tone of coverage, the engagement created, and longevity of the message.